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Clown Killifish!

Wild Nut

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This is my little group of clown killifish. They are living in a 45L tank with my other killies (except my Aphyosemion Sjoestedti pair who would more than likely eat everyone). They are really thriving in here. Got some tiny, nibbled on females the other day and now I can't even tell them apart from my others.

They are definitely loving the riccia. I see the biggest male in there or the time with one female or another spawning.



Biggest male


Smaller male



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Yeah they had a couple fry already, but when I moved everything around I don't think they made it. They have been spawning like crazy these past few days. As has my new australe gold male. He has two plump girls in there that he is constantly trying to lure into the moss. I also have a striatum trio, a lone poliaki male and what I think is a nsukka female? (in picture below) in there.

I lost my beautiful little lagos male the other day. My cat knocked the lid I put on over their tank at night and when I woke up he had jumped out. His female died from some bacterial disease and I was just starting to get him to come out of his shell too <_<

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Yeah I got my big male and a female off Adrian. The others came from Coburg. I have never had much luck with these little fellows in the past but now they seem to be doing well.

I got some nice shots of my other killies in there this morning and then my camera battery died *lol* it's always the way.

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Forgot to add these other photos of my australe gold female and my unknown killifish female(?). The colouring is a bit wonky but I don't have photoshop to adjust it like I normally would.




I added three little sparkling gouramis to this tank the other day and they are loving it in there. They are having a blast picking through all the moss (probably eating my killifish eggs!) and I rarely ever see them out and about.

Also got a juvenile male killifish that I have no idea what species it is. He is living in my blue-eye tank so I have no hope of catching him anytime soon *lol*

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