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Hi, i'm a new member (:


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Hi my name is dk!

I've been a fish lover for the past 9 years. This is my hobby and this is what i love doing best.

I currently have three male Macrostomas, at this stage looking for female Macrostomas so i can try and breed them from different blood lines.

I am still learning about wild bettas, i was advised by a fish friend of mine to join this forum so i can learn more about these bettas from experienced breeders. So plenty of advice and help would be great!

My favorite type of fish would be bettas, also at the moment I have got the whole collection of different types of fighting fishes.

- dk.

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Welcome to the forum! That is quite a collection you have there :) we all love pictures and no matter how crappy they are you must post some :P what sort of fighters do you have?

For the female Mac- id ask Joan as she had some macs she was selling. I'll have some ready in about 7 months so if you're still looking then let me know :)

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hi there thanks for the welcoming msg. yes i will defiantly post pic up of my collections of fighters i have crown tail half moon double tail short fin delta tail and a long fin plust a female fighter.

in regards to the female macs from joan we have already purches the male macs form her n she did not have any females at the time.... yeah i will defiantly let u know if i still need the female fighters from u :) thanks dk.

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