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Oscar eye cloud


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Hi Everyone,

I didn't know if I should put this here or in the clinic, but looking through the clinic it's mostly about betta.

My Oscar has had eye cloud for a really long time... I think more than a year. I have really wanted to cure it, but I can't. Any suggestions? I've tried dosing melafix for the recommended time but nothing... It's only in one eye and besides that it is really healthy.

Here is a pic of it:


Any help is really appreciated. Thank you :)

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Hi afr3178,

Cloudy eye is caused by bacterial infection. I have treated it in the past using methylene blue. I also added some rock salt and epsom salt to help it along. Malachite green works well too but be careful when dosing and do not use if you have scaleless fish.

The downside of using these medication is that it stains your gravel and equipment. I recommend treating the fish in a separate tank away from your aquarium decor.

Hope this helps :)

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