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Red Rockets Take 2


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A huge thank you to Jarrod for giving me the heads up regarding these guys. Apparently there is a good chance these are from the same breeder I got the original ones from. I know that looking at them, they look the same. Especially the girl. Lol.

Here is the link.


Pick them up next week. Very excited. :-)

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You have no idea how much I hated losing this line. I didn't realise what I had when I got them the first time. Never seen a better CT since. And I have been looking.

I was pretty sure they are the same, mainly due to the girl being HUGE. All my rocket girls were massive, produced enormous amounts of eggs and were usually ready to spawn within a week of dropping or breeding.

Can't wait to see him in person, really hoping his rays are thick and strong. He looks almost the same as the original.

Almost makes me want to rip the whites out before they hatch. Almost. Lol.

Ps. someone is 90% sure they are from the same breeder as last time. Good enough for me.

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