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New and need advice


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Hey guys, first time post here, hello to everyone!

Ive been a fish fan as a kid, but ive never really had a tank of my own. Until a week ago...

My brother in law moved house and as a result, I ended up with his 120l tank, along with his fish, of which there are 4 of.

The fish are :

Red oscar

Common oscar


And some little scavenger im not sure of.

My problem is that once my oscars grow up, im not going to have room for 2. My tank is really only big enough for one, just, and I cant afford a larger tank.

So what should I do? I am NOT killing one of my fish, would a pet store do a trade for one, and which one should I keep. Are there any differences in breeds (besides colour) or is it purely personal?

My mate has a full grown lutino oscar in a 200l tank. I could give him one of mine but his oscar has destroyed every fish he has introduced, and I dont want to see that happen to my newly adopted babies.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Anyone willing to swap a red oscar for a scavenger fish compatible with cichlids?

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Welcome to the forum.

That sized tank is too small for even one Oscar. My advice is do a bit of research and decide what you want to do with the tank, planted with tetras or dwarf cichlids, apistos ect, as example.

Then visit your local aquarium to see what they have that you want, take in photos of your fish and organise a trade swap. You won't get much for them though. That's business.

Welcome to the forum and good luck.

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Thank you.

Yes that is what I'm doing. Plenty of research to get the right match of fish.

Money for the oscars is not important. I would much rather see them taken care of. They are a beautiful fish. I may do some research into dwarf cichlids.

Thank you again for your suggestions.

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You might be able to sell the Oscar to another hobbyist when they have outgrown the tank. Just pop it in the Classifieds when the time is right. You'll probably get a bit more than you would get at a shop.

I kept my first two Oscars in a 3 foot tank for quite a long time. They even spawned in there although I had no idea how to raise the babies at the time. You should be able to enjoy them for a reasonable length of time before you have to move them on. Who knows? You might be ready to get a bigger tank by then.

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