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Hey everyone,

New to the forum, well I actually signed up ages ago I think, then totally forgot that I signed up until Manda (MT Syndrome) told me about this forum. Anyway I never introduced myself when I signed up, now I am :)

I am from Victoria, South Eastern Suburbs, I am interested in breeding bettas during my free time. Never actually had a successful breed yet but I am still hopeful that one day I will have some of my own bred bettas to show off :lol:. I also just got into Shrimp keeping, I currently have Red Cherry Shrimps and Crystal Red Shrimps.

Well I hope to learn and find out more about bettas and anything else to do with aquariums and fish!!! Hopefully get to know some new people along the way.


LemonK (AKA n0meL on Aquarium Life)

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Hey LemonK,

Welcome to the party, Lovely to see another melbournite onboard... Let me cordially invite you to our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/victoriabetta

and or any of our Vic Betta meets, more details found here: www.victoriabetta.com

OKAY spam a-side what kinds of betta do you like? There's a few spawns growing out in various jars around the state, and lots of great events coming up with betta that have recently evolved with the hobby, so you've chosen your timing well!

We do love a photo, so while you might have some shots of shrimp (we all have our downfalls... ha!) We'd love to see what you're keeping at the moment because we're sticky beaks.

Anyhoo, enjoy - have a poke around, most of the questions you'll come up with have been asked before - so have a good search through the forum, it's a great resource.



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Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

At the moment I got a Double Tail Male and a Crown Tail Female. As I am new to this I have mated them together you could say cross-breed? I am wondering what will be the result. These fish are bought from LFS not from a reputable breeder or anything because I couldn't find any at the time :lol:

I am a big fan of HM bettas especially love the Salamander Butterfly HM coloration! They look AWESOME!!! :dance:

Now the pair that I have has mated and the male is tending to the eggs and the female removed and getting medicated for the ripped fins she copped from the mating ritual. But the male as eaten some of the eggs, so I hope the ones that is left will hatch and survive!!

But I hope to find some MW, because no one from AL seems to have any. So hopefully I can find someone here who can help me with a starter culture :)

But all in all, I hope to breed some nice bettas in the future.

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