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New Axolotl!


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Waah lost my long post. dry.gif Here goes typing one-handed again (slammed my hand in the front door, all purple/throbbing).

OK so long story short, some of you may know I had axolotls not too long ago. For various reasons, they died.

I claimed I wasn't going to get them again, and stick to fish. Well, to be honest I lasted about an hour without reconsidering. embarrass.gif

Well the fish room is now set up, 3ft tank ready for axies (not using the 400L for them anymore, found it a waste of a tank).

Sorry about the horrible photos, she kept hiding from me. I'll try for some better ones once she settles in. Still unsure on her name.

She appears to be full of gravel, but was the least bloated one out of the four.



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