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Hi Fishlovers :)


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HELLO Everyone,

Well where do i start...It began with the purchase of my first fish a blue veil tail betta which then on expanded to 19 betta's (LOL) which include 12 veil tails boys (colours of the rainbow from blue to red to green to orange and MORE)(Names are Robin, Poison Ivy, Batman, Charlie, Shellington, Buddy, Tiny, Poseidon, Magic, Spider-man, Kwazii and Peso), 5 VT girls (Ariel, Aquata, Adella, Alana, Arista) and 2 Halfmoon boys (Dragon and Black Widow). LOve them all to bits and still expanding my collection, not a breeder yet but i think the experience would be AMAZING, so hopefully this forum will shed some light on that avenue. Betta's are the most amazing creatures ever, so variable in colour, shape and personalities (YES, some are attention seekers others are cool and mellow). Enough about my babies, I'm Dev and Perth based, currently studying at Uni and the eldest of 8. So in my quest of expansion a lovely person replied to my Gumtree ad and let me know about this website (THANK U)so i'm gonna head off and scout this site :)BBBYYYEEEEZZ

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