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Help me with my Set Up


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OK Guys and Gals, pending final approval for a display stand to be built, I am looking for advice on how people would go about setting up a small breeding Set Up, using the following.

I have a 3 tier 4 foot by 2 foot stand. I also have 8, 2 foot by 1 foot by 15 inch high tanks. I don't have to keep all or any of the tanks if I would be better off using tubs for grow outs and smaller tanks as spawning tanks. The middle and bottom shelves to the 3 tier stands have lighting, while the top shelf does not.

At this stage I plan on the (yet to be built) 2 tier display stand will hold two 2x1x1 tanks and four 1 foot cubs. The 2 two footers for my wilds and the four cubes for either display (competition) fish or pairs of fancy bettas I want to breed.

I also have a few 50 watt heaters, couple of air pumps and quite a few sponge filters

But basically if you had this stand, what would you use and how would you set it up for a small betta breeding set up. Oh, I'm looking to move it next to the wall, so it won't be in it's current position.

Thanks for any and all advice.



And yes, the garage has carpet in it. <_<

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That's weird, I was just working on this image of my current setup, every few months it changes (depending on what's spawning/growing out/etc)

But I try to contain my project on a 800mm wide set of industrial shelves (much like yours but mine are only 400mm deep)

Here's how I roll:


This is the smaller scale of the program, I have 18 grow out jars in that bottom shelf, and often if I'm growing out 2 spawns at different stages I might have another one of these set up elsewhere.

And when the project is completely out of control I have the 4 foot sorority set up in a back room and use that tank on the second shelf down as a grow out (water changes 90% every 3 days)

but I find they don't sprout until they have their own space.

That help?

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I would setup one whole shelf for jars. Might even be a good idea to add a tier so you can for more jars in. There seems to be enough height between shelves. But make sure there's an easy way to do water changes in the jars. Is the room heated? Bain marie style barracks can be modified to add a tap allowing you to drain and fill multiple jars at the same time. With the top shelf I would get larger jars or tanks around 4-5 litres. You use these to hold the adults you're thinking of breeding. These are a perfectly good size to act as a long term home for 'working' fish. Bottom shelf I'd use for growouts and spawning tanks. If you use 4 of the 2 x 1 foot tanks they could be dual purpose.

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