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Hello from Melbourne~!


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Hi everyone!

I'm Shay, living in Victoria~ Nice to meet all of you!

I love fishes (everyone here does haha) and have been keeping them since young.

Started off with swordtails (I was so young when it gave birth and I didn't know how to feed them so they died), goldfishes, red eared terrapins, guppies, mollies, flowerhorn cichlids, and bettas.

At the moment I have a comet goldfish and a red male & female crowntail.

Hmm.. favourite types of bettas would be crowntails, but it seems that many people prefer halfmoons/plakats instead.

And I love red! And these few years the colours of bettas are expanding and red seems a bit boring? Planning to get a full red betta without any colour wash in the future through breeding/genetics (:

Came to this forum to learn more about betta care (water condition, etc), because I'm planning to expand my betta section when I move into my new house end of this year.

Taking it one step at a time and hope I can get useful tips in this forum. Thanks guys! (:

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Welcome Shay!

Please do set up a photobucket account, we all LOVE photos here!

Terrapins? Jealous.. very nice, do you still have them?

I personally adore CTs. CTs and PKs are my favourite.

As for red bettas, they are greatly overlooked these days. Especially now we have all those fancy dragons, etc. A nice red betta is stunning, and truth be told - I do prefer a full red betta (with nice form) over a dragon.

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Thanks to everyone above!

Sarah, hopefully I'll have time to take some pictures for a photobucket account soon (exams on the way), and post it up.

Nah, I don't have terrapins anymore, they grew too huge for me to take care and it was about 7 years ago since I've had them..

It has been a few years since I came back with keeping bettas and yeah, dragons! never heard of them until recently! and red rocks!

Ness, good to hear about your new spawn! Will be looking forward to seeing some pictures over the weeks/months (:

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