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Hello Gorgeous new dt boy

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my first boy from someone, all settled in and flaring. :bighug: he's just too pretty. female guppies in the background from i trio i also got, but the male didn't make it :(

now onto the pretty boy. he's quite nice. not sure what kind of dt he is, no where near hm though. he's got one really nice ventral and the other one is slowly untwisting itself. a few curly rays at the end of the dorsal too, but hopefully straightening out :)




(this one's more his true colour)



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thanks zui :)

@ matt: thanks for that. didn't realise. i think he's got more than 90 degrees because his fins overlap? and i can't tell how many rays his tail splits into because it's hard to focus on his opaque fins properly when he's dashing around like mad.

@ ness:

it was these guys

and he was so pretty too :byebye:

and he's a bachelor. seeking marble girly - one who also loves kooky colours and using the thermometer to showcase their pole-dancing skills.

and i don't think i'll be bringing him, even though it will be tempting to knock you off your throne XD he's only got one proper ventral, the other one is twisty and looks like its missing the bottom bit... not sure if ibc has a fault category for that XD

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HA! you think that's bad - I wonder if the judges will notice I have a few STUNNING fish that are completely hands-free... ahh well.

Up to you - he's divine!

(I'm being cheeky and tearing some kids out of the spawn tanks to show.. dammit, get your WRAP ON or get out and WIN SOMETHING you terrors)

This is why i'm never having children, can you imagine what i'd be like?


DAMMN i nearly bought that trio of guppies- sorry it didn't work out, I'll keep an ear to the ground and see if theres any spear tails around... hopefully the girls drop some babies for you?


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