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Breaker Breaker


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Meet Breaker :giggle:

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He is one of the strangest coloured fish i've bought in a while, for the life of me i don't know what to call it. Black spangled? I'll settle for AOC for now :whistling: but you know how I am with strange colours... Viper and Mercedes for starters, and all these brown wild things :thumbs:

but that tail! Its so CUTE! there were 3 of these fish up for grabs, and we had them all lined up in a row. Lilli took the feisty one with the stronger black colour, and I took the one with the gorgeous dorsal. Funny thing for me to like I guess, but i'm not usually one for DTs, PK or longtail.

The dorsal is always too much, and the tails are too goldfish-esque, but this fish is different. The dorsal reminds me of a guppy, that sort of diamond shape :) the tail, although bunched up when relaxed, is still functional

To top it off, thats a pretty long body ;) Overall, i'm really impressed! I want long cute DTPKs with guppy dorsals! I do I do!

(although I think I should have bought the yellow plakat and the steel female HM too...)

Oh, and he is named after the circuit breaker switch on the bench, but i thought "hey, you can say it twice, he has two tails, perfect!"

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