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Black Ghost Knife tank


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I am VERY slowly working my way through my tanks...now it is time for Stanley's tank

Ages ago I purchased this little black ghost knife from a dirty petshop that was shutting down. He has lived in a 2' tank since I brought 'him' home. I didnt expect him to make it as I havent read that much about them etc etc. He kinda got chucked into a tank and a few rosie barbs and some very ugly mollies got turfed in there too. The rosie barbs grew and the mollies disappeared. He is now quite long, probably 25cm

But his turn has finally came. He has a 3' empty tank waiting for him....what does he need to be super happy?...can he have friends of his own kind or others that wont become lunch? He has a couple of nice long tunnels that he hides in but I really want to deck his tank out for him.

I have done some searches online for information but everything contradicts each other so now I am totally confused on how to deck out his tank.

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