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C. trilineatus spotted! (the best fake C. julii)


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I got a heads up on wednesday from the supplier that they had what appears to be C. julii as well as C. trilineatus (and some story about them getting mixed up and spending ages separating them by jarring one specimen of each and comparing the catches, tanking accordingly :giggle:) and today while getting feeders and earthwormies, what did I find but 4 stunningly marked cories with spotty heads :giggle: I figured I should let people know in case anyone has a single and needs more to flesh out a school :D I don't much like cories, but these guys tempted even me! :giggle: They look virtually itentical to a C. julii. The only way to tell the difference seems to be geographical location, and apparently the guys that ship out of the area where C. julii are caught don't ship to Australia (although they may go the round-about route, trying to find out) and for under $12 each, i'd bet that they are at least somewhat easy to obtain, so bets are that they are the spotted version of C. trilineatus. :D They are coming in through a Sydney supplier, so they should at the very least be around Sydney shops, but keep your eyes peeled, if this supplier has them, likely others will too :) Even if you aren't a cory person, these things are sooooo cute! just go have a little cory-perve :)

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