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Matt's nano reef


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I have wanted to do one of these, I had a nano FOWLR with a pair of clowns I caught. Finally got everything I need. I got my chiller that Jeff made for me and an ex display tank from someone. Any advice?


An ex-display tank from someone, around 20 liters, seem less. Need to measure it exactly.


20watt LED, 6500K will need to get a new bulb so it looks less yellow.

Pelltier chiller Jeff made for me, suitable for nano tanks so should be good. Cheap as well.

Still need to decide on a pump, around 250 lph any ideas

I may mod a HOB as a fuge and so I can add macropore.


A yellow clown goby or some guppies if I can adapt them, I know it is possible but not sure how long it takes, mollies take 2-3 hours.

Sexy shrimp


Sun coral






A few others in mind but not sure yet, can't afford much.

Pictures of what I have later.

Will be using NSW with 50% weekly waterchanges and I will use rainwater for daily top ups, no dosing.

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The tank is a bit dirty sorry, haven't cleaned it yet and as I said, its an ex display.


Look at those sexy edges!


This is my light, its super bright and great value! $40 for this one! LED set ups usually cost hundreds! You can get 10w for $20 as well for nano planted tanks if anyone is looking at cheap lighting.



The chiller, bassically, a pump pumps water through the blue thing with the pipe sticking out, its a water block, this is connected to the peltier, it is touching the cooling side, there is a heat sink on the heating side and a fan to ensure it is cooled off. Does that make sense?


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