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hello there!


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hello there,

Name is Dan from Sydney NSW,found this site while searching for betta info.Awesome site with lots of useful info

and friendly people,i own plenty of tropical fish such as cichlids,oscars,catfishes,jardini's i have bred most of them.

I own about 15 different plakats dont know why but they are the only bettas that i want to keep.

I want to get into breeding Dragon Pk's as a hobby soon hopefully i can find good pairs on this forum,hope

to meet you all cheers for looking =).

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G'day Dan, welcome to AusAqua, where the sun is always shining (except when we're collecting rainwater, or waiting for a storm to help get our fish in the mood). There's heaps of info here, and everyone's really friendly (though we can be demanding of photos).

Show us your plakats! :lol:

What sort of cichlids have you got?

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lol KERMADUM (so true!) i have flowerhorns,electric blue and yellows,convicts and red devils.I havent took any photos before but

ill definately post up when i have time.Theres plenty too see =) BTW thanks for the welcome i can see already such friendly

people on the forum.

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