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I am very new to Betta Splendids (fighters sorry if i have the name wrong), although i have had live bearers (guppies, mollies, platties and swordtails) for a while now and have had success in breeding these.

I would really like to eventually breed Betta's, i have spoken to Michelle Myers about breeding Betta's and she has given some a great advice and have realized i still have a lot to learn.

Currently i am a hobbyist with the tropical fish; i have Swordtails, mollies, guppies, platties, neon tetras, bumble bee goby's, clown loaches, sucking catfish, bristlenose catfish (pleco's) and of course Betta's..

I am looking forward to learning and maybe one day sharing.


ajay :D

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Hi Ajay,

Michelle has loads of fish and is a great person to talk to. You'll also find heaps of information already here in the forums, and if you can't find it, ask, we'll all help where we can.

And now the most important thing... We're all very demanding about photos, so show us what ya got!

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Hi Kermadum,

Would love to put pics up but the camera takes terrible blury photos that i can just make out the fish, either that or i don't know how to use it properly as soon as i can i will post pics.

Thanks heaps for allowing me to take part in your forum..

I have sat down with Michelle and had a really good chat but i think i need to do it again before she leaves, i am going to get the cultures of Michelle before she leaves if i can if not i will get the links and best shops etc of her so i can make a start when set up properly....

looking forward to learning heaps again thanks

Ajay :D

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The bettas you got off me the other day are from Kermadum's spawn. If you troll thru the post somewhere on here, you can find pics of mum and dad.

These guys are totally awesome on here and they have a very high tolerance for really dumb questions...as I ask a lot of them!! But you will need to seriously learn how to take pics as they are very demanding on uploading photos so they can oooo and aaarrrr at them LOL. Something which I still suck at...Yes Kermadum I havent forgotten...just busy packing!


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