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Cherry Shrimp are touchy little guys!


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(insert that cute guy..whats his name...chris issak maybe???)Baby did a bad bad thing

I am shutting down most of my tanks in the preparation for the move. M poor very neglected cherry shrimp tank which is absolutely full to the bring with shrimp had its filter barely working and the tank stunk like all hell...

So eistein me decided to fix them up...

Moved them to a clean tank but the water temp was 1 degree difference...found this out after the fact. I had added some stress guard to the water.

I KILLED ALMOST ALL OF THE COLONY!!! I have maybe 10 - 15 left out of probably 80-90 maybe more.

What do you reckon it was? The clean water instead of their stinky manky water (their old tank was REALLY filthy)? The Stressguard? or the Temp difference??

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