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Can any one tell me if my guppies are due


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Hi guys

just wondering if anyone can tell me if my guppys is far off giving birth. I bought 2 from the pet shop. one about 3 weeks ago and she was already pregnant and the other about a week and a half ago. the pet shop owner told me she had about a week left but she still doesnt look ready. I have a video to post but i am not sure how to do it. I have pictures but they arnt very clear as im not to sure how to take a good photo through the glass. My guppies have a very dark gravid spot and is it normal for their bellys to go the square shape for a few days and look very bloated and then it goes down again??? I have 3 females and 3males (guppies) 1 angel fish and 1 bristle nose catfish. there is heaps of hiding spots and i dont have a breeder tank im hoping that the fry will find somewhere to hide. i have plenty of plants and rocks and a tunnel. Im new to all of this and my kids are dying to see baby fry!! would be fantastic if someone can help!!


Nikki B-)

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Look at your angel. Lol. Good live food for them. :-).

Put in lots of floating plants or even normal stem plants but leave em floating. You will see em when they are born. From my experience the new fry will be around the surface.

Photos would help. :-)

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