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Yo guys, Yoda in da house!


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Hey guys, I need info!

I have been keeping fish a good 10 years but have only really got into breeding the past 3 year, I have bred a lot of american cichlids, africans and then the guppies etc everyone breeds....

I have had fighters (do we call them bettas here?) on and off my whole fish keeping times but I only just got a nice mail the other day, this has inspired me to get into selective breeding and that kinda thing, only problem is I have never SUCCESSFULLY bred bettas, I tried once and the male killed the female, I now have a basic understanding (after talking to a seasoned breeder) of how to go about it properly.

My male I got is apparently a Gold Dragon veiltail!

nicest fighter I have seen in the flesh!

Thanks guys, I look forward to meeting you and talking about bettas more!

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learn about the fish, you do.

teach you, we will.

In fact I have to be honest, I stalked this forum for a good while before I introduced myself and needed to ask specific questions - if you do a search [top right] you'll find there's often someone who's come up against the very same thing you're experiencing.

So have a good look through the spawn logs - while it's a test of humility, you learn a bucketload (and fast)

The courtship process is a delicate one - and, well - they're called fighters for a reason.

May I be so bold as to suggest you get yourself a photo bucket - then you can just click and paste the direct link (you have to host your photos somewhere externally)

Nothing quite like a picture to tell the story.



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