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El Zilcho

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Hi All,

Ive joined up as i am looking into keeping wild bettas. Im in Melbourne.

Ive kept all sorts of fish over the past years... i got out of the hobby last year when my house was flooded and we moved to a smaller unit. Now i just have one small tank with a constantly breeding colony of Neolamprologus multifasciatus... those guys are like rabbits!

Anyway, i hope to learn plenty from the forum, and perhaps even contribute some wisdom in time!

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Hey El Zilcho!

There's plenty of Melbournian Betta Nerds People around, in fact the wilds are really gaining in popularity.

Shameless Spruke: have a look at our Victoria Betta group website, we have a meet coming up with a Betta show (including wilds)

Looking forward to hearing more about your fishus - Welcome to the forum.

x Ness

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G'day El Zilcho,

Good to see another new keeper / breeder of wild Bettas here....

There's a few good sources of wild's here in Australia - I've picked up imported fish from as little as $4 each up to $100 each depending on the species. I think there's a couple of breeders with fish currently available down in Melbourne and others dotted round the country.

What species are you interested in?

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