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I really hope I'm posting this in the right place...

Anywho, while I'm waiting for my bigger tanks to arrive (or, okay, I suppose I have to find and pay for them first but details schmetails), I wanted to get a small tank for one male Betta. I was looking around for something that he could go in comfortably but also something I could use in the future as a hospital tank or whatknot. So then I found this:

eBay Link

Now, while I've been researching and researching all the specifications for a good Betta tank - it sometimes all looks like French to me. I'd really like to know if the supplied filter and heater are good enough for the little guy or if I need to go buy different kinds?


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The flow of the filter might be a bit strong.

These fish don't really need a lot. Glass tank, lids, heater and a little sponge filter. A piece of Java fern or moss and you are set to go.

For the same money as that tank, you should be able to get a bigger one and put in a divider and have two fish.


Good luck.

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Thanks for the reply.

I know I paid over for something so small but I wanted something all-in-one and quickly, though I know they're generally not always the best things to buy. I'm having a couple of tanks made and have been looking into a barracks - but the heating and filtering confuses the heck outta me right now! (It doesn't take much).

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Believe me, the barracks thing still scares the bejesus out of me too.... BUT I WANT ONE (I digress)

Something about the 22 litre mark is actually perfecto for a spawn tank (you'll need one down the track, mwahahaha - but is very big for hospital.....)

These Aqua Ones come up lots second hand on the Bay, so don't buy a new one!

I find they're a good sorority tank too, but the filtration really needs to be altered, they have a craaaazy spray-bar and it's really too much for betta - they're used to still water or really gentle flow.

I have to admit - there are some super cheap tanks at places like Kmart / big W that are anywhere from 12-22 litres, and they're pretty good.

The filtration is weak as, so it's actually suitable, and you just need to pop a heater in there and bobs your aunty.

With this whole tank / intro to betta thing it might be worth mentioning water.

Sounds silly, but I have to say, I've learnt LOTS about water, mostly because I was coming up with so many health issues with my fish.

Git yourself a PH test kit - it's handy to know what PH the water is that comes out of your tank... so if you need to buffer it or not.

Betta like a stable PH, and are kinda flex about what they need, so long as it's stable.

My PH is pretty useless (5.5) so I use CARBONATE HARDNESS POWDER / BUFFER this keeps the hardness of the water stable, and the ph stable at 7 - it's a little investment for big piece of mind (don't never use ph up or down, they don't FIX the water)

Also - you might want to look at a little bit of shell grit, and aquarium salt - it's the first thing to throw at an ill-looking fish, mineral rich water helps fish keep their minerals IN - mineral deficient water leaches the minerals out of the fish = sick fish.

Another good thing to have on the shelf is Bettafix - it's got lots of goodies to help them put a bit of pep in their step if they're looking a bit flat.

And Stress Coat - it's a must! Dechorlinates and treats water to make it fish safe... there is so much junk in council water, it's not funny.

So when i add new water, it's got:

Same temperature as whats in the tank! 24-26 degreez

Carbonate hardness powder (GHz)

Tiny bit of aquarium salt

Stress coat/dechlorinator

When you're establishing the big tank with filtration etc - do a bit of research on CYCLING your tank... there's a few threads on here too that might help.

It's a little shopping list, but believe me - you'll save in the long run with sick fish and fatalities (learn from my mistakes!)

End of rant!


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Thank you! I've done a bit of research on the cycling but, to me, it looked like they were typing in tongues and I understood about every fifth word. So I'm definitely going to get myself a little bit more acquainted with that very soon. I'm sure it's actually really easy - give me something difficult to do and I'll do it easily. Give me something easy and I'll overthink it.

I do have a pretty large shopping list and I went to the Aquarium place today to get most of it ahead of time and, when I got there and saw how much stuff was there, I kinda felt like curling up in the fetal position and sobbing. So I left with some Seachem and some lamb necks for the dogs (I know how to take care of them, at least).

I hadn't heard of Bettafix though so that's now on the list.

What can I do about the filtration on the tank I've ordered, if anything? It was only ever going to be a temp thing but I'm thinking I may now just go ahead and get a couple of 2 or 3 foot glass tanks and kit them out myself (so no doubt I'll overthink that and it'll take me six months to actually set 'em up).

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Okay, so that tank arrived (minus heater... ugh). So, can I get the sponge filter to wrap around to lessen the flow? (I have no idea what I'm talking about here).

I also managed to get an Aqua One 28ltr tank also, which came with a stand but nothing else. So what is the best filter to get for that? I'm going to read into all my bookmarks a little tomorrow but if anyone has time to list some things I'd need to pick up, would help immensely! I've read a lot of about filter media but... um, still don't really know what that is. So do I need to pick that up too?

Okay... you can laugh at how clueless I am now. :blush:

EDIT: I did buy all the things listed above (except Shell Grit, which nobody near me seems to have!)

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