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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, guys - with the past few days of nice weather, temperatures in the tanks have all been bang on target, consistently, but I'll definitely need to look at insulation. Brenton, it's a rental, so unfortunately I can't do too much that would permanently alter the place. Drafts under the floor is likely our main culprit as directly below is our cellar and there's only floorboards between us. I'll look into how to insulate a part of the room, at least - currently some of my tanks are in a wardrobe... which sounds weird but it looks cool when it's all open (and protects the tanks from over zealous dogs when I'm not here. There may be a way to ensure the wardrobe itself stays insulated.
  2. Got appropriate wattage per litre. 150w in the 135 litre. 100w in the 75 litre. 55w in each of the the 30 litres. Heaters are all set up beside the filter and the water flow is good. The temperature is consistent throughout each tank - it's the tank as a whole that is fluctuating, because of the outside temperature, I guess.
  3. hungryemo


    Hey guys - I've got a few tanks set up and I'm really struggling to maintain a good, stable temperature in them. My house can get a bit cold and with the weather being pretty chilly lately, it hasn't helped, but so far none of my tanks have been able to reach beyond 25°C. I've tried to keep the temperature stable at around 24°C at least but overnight it keeps dropping to as low as 22°C. What's the best way to keep a stable temperature (other than heating the room, which I'd rather not do as my dogs also sleep in there and they can overheat easily)? Would I need a more powerful heater or multiple heaters?
  4. I've forgotten which model number it is but it was the biggest one they had - just maybe not big enough, I guess? I'll have a hunt for a bigger one and see how I go with that now that I know it should do the trick. Cheers, Brenton.
  5. Hi guys, I have a 2.5 foot planted tank that I want to have a Betta sorority in but I'm struggling with what filter might be best for it? I did have a sponge filter in there and it just wasn't getting the job done but the spare Eheim filter I have seems to be way too strong - even when I direct it against the glass to try and reduce the flow (though it is doing the job of filtering well). Is there a better filter out there or would two sponge filters do the job?
  6. Hey, thanks for the critiques guys. I understood most of it! I'm not planning on breeding him, although JHA did also send me *the* perfect female for him, but I'm nowhere near knowledgeable enough to begin that whole process. He's a poser as soon as the camera is out so this photo was straight-on, he wasn't in an unusual position. Is it something that will impact his health/longevity? Or is it just a mild genetic thing that won't effect his lifespan? Cheers.
  7. First time posting for critique. I'm pretty new to the world of Bettas, and fish in general, and I haven't looked too much into what is 'show' quality and what isn't. Not that I have any plans to - just a warning I might not understand some of what you'll tell me! I basically researched how to set up a tank for them, how to cycle, and how to keep them alive. I also have a four foot tank with 12 females. All are from JHA and I'm always impressed with his fish. But anyway, onto Gorgonzola! Would love to know what you guys think of him and any details you can give me about his colour, form, etc etc?
  8. They're awesome. Love the Marble pair especially.
  9. Oh dear. I think leaving my two apple snails in a tank together for those two days a couple of weeks ago was a bad idea. Hope everyone wants apple snails for Christmas!

    1. Hazell


      I want apple snails for christmas! :D

  10. Chceked the rubber ring yesterday, did the whole vaseline shebang, and it's still leaking. <_<
  11. Yep. Brand new. Well, out with the new and in with the newer...
  12. So we ended up getting an Eheim Classic. It's been a few weeks... and it is now leaking. Any ideas on how to fix it? The water is coming out from where the lid sits on and latches (it's all sealed up as it always has been and we've looked it over several times but can't see what the problem is).
  13. Quick update. I've been medicating the tank with Protozin for two days now and the difference in Tomato has been dramatic. I can barely even see any gold dust on her now - which I'm really happy about. But this now leads to another problem. It seems, now she's not sick and lethargic, she is a bully. Bacon has two splits in her tail and Lettuce has one. I've spent the day observing them and yep, Tomato is nipping at them both... moreso Bacon. I knew this may have been a problem with only having three girls but after some time of them being very peaceful, I figured I was lucky - obviously it was just due to Tomato being sick. SO, I'm hopefully getting a few more girls very soon but they will be quarantined first, so I won't add them immediately. Is it best to leave Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato in there to figure it out (and finish medicating in the tank), or should I put them back in their jars now, continue with medication in them, and wait until I can add a larger number of girls into the tank? Lettuce and Bacon seem good together. I always see them swimming together, never nipping, but if I was to just remove Tomato, that may change their dynamic? There's plenty of hiding places and plants... Tomato is just a (still love her. Her colouring has improved heaps). Thanks guys.
  14. Ooh! Protozin is actually what I bought. I just came on to see if it's actually any good. Will start treatment today.
  15. Thanks, Matt. It's also in a room that doesn't get a lot of sun but the sun it does get blasts through and heats it up during the day and then goes colder at night, so I'll still get that heater tomorrow.
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