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If I where a boy


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Well as some of you may know I got a pair of Red Copper Gold DT PKs from Thailand so I could work on a Symetrical line.

well I have been putting this pair together on and off for a while now and fights would break out and nests destroid ETC

The female was smaller than the male and had an egg spot so I thought give them a break and seperate them I left him in the spawn tank and moved her to a spare spawn tank that I was going to put a pair of HMs in but low and behold two days later and all the coulerd girls go Do De DO De Do and take a walk on the wild side for there is the bigest nest I have ever had and she dosnt have an egg spot so I am going to call him Beonsay I think the name is fitting.



PS Jarrod he is going in with the female you sent me LOL

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