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My Siamese fishes!


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Lovely collection you have....

on a technical note, I don't think you could call the #2 male a dragon (there's some info on them here)

He looks to me like a light bodied/cambodian fish with red and metallic blue bicolour... kinda 'lavender' in colour - but I'm not sure if there is a real definition for that term.

Nice 2 Double Ray Reduction in his CT too - tres handsome.

The halfmoons are lovely too - is that Blue boy missing bits of his anal - or just the pose he's in?

Where'd you get these guys?


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haha true on the 'dragon', the only reason i call it a dragon is because he's real agro, always the first to flair. I can't define the colour either so i think its metalic greenish/white

The blue HM is just the pose he's in, i've got some more pics to show other side

Here's another shot that i really like hehe, body double!




Blue HM



I got the CTs and VTs from LFS, pretty cheap actually, was $25 for the red + 'Dragon' CTs and $5 for the VT :)

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Here's something new from Jim today... i'm so broke now Jim :)



He's twice the size of the blue and the red HM

Here's a vid of all my bettas, would really like a double tail and a butterfly!


erm i dunno how to embed the vid, the youtube tag doesn't work/

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