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Hi all, from Brisbane


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Hey, came across this forum from google.

Just started to get into the fish/planted aquarium hobby.

At the moment, I've got a few guppies, neons and a dwarf gourami. I'm only putting then in slowly to 'cycle the filter' (i think thats what its called).

Planning to get some bristlenose catfish and a another dwarf gourami.

I'm actually as interested in the plants as I am with the fish, so I'm gonna have to read more about the whole CO2 set up thing. haha.

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Welcome Ken! Glad we have another brisbonite :D I would be careful with neons, despite being marketed as a beginers fish thy are not hardy at all and carry a lot of diseases, they are best in established tanks. Do you have a test kit?

I've written up a guide for planted tanks in here somewhere, it's a method in which the substrate generates co2 so you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on co2, I'll get if for you later.

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Thanks for the replies guys. :)

I've got my other dwarf gourami today. The first one seems much happier now. All the fish seem to get along and look better since getting them. I got the guppies from a someone local, but they didn't seem too healthy and were not very active in my tank (at first). I think because there were HUNDREDs in the one tank before. Now they have grown a bit in size, the fins seem a bit longer, and they are much more active.

I'll take a picture soon and post it up. I'm still wanting to get many more plants though, so its not where I would like it to be. Also in the middle of making my DIY CO2 set up. :D

Edit: Picture added. Excuse the blur.


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Very nice :) I love dwarf gouramis. That plant in the back corner behind the drift wood, could you please get a shot of its leaves? It looks suspiciously like the plants lfs sell that are really terrestrials that live a few weeks submerged. I can’t remember its name off the top off my head sorry otherwise I would just link you to a picture. The others look like some sort of aponageton, they get massive and I think will outgrow the tank pretty quickly, I think you need a new tank hehe :P If you’re buying from the lfs I would recommend you buy online from Dave at Aquagreen or Jeff at Liverpool creek. There prices are better I have found, they have more range and healthier plants. Dave sells some great fertilizers too which are good :)

Oh, the ones I think are aponagetons are the one behind the blurry gourami and next to the rock.

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HELP!!!! I did a water change today in the morning, all the fish were happy. In the arvo, I bought a dwarf gourami. Everything again was fine.

I just came home from dinner and the fish all seem sick!!!! The very very obvious signs are the neon tetra's losing the red stripe! What do i do!?!?!?!??! I'm really worried. I think they may all die!!! :'(!!!!!

The plant, I saw in the local pet shop, I'm not sure what it was, but I had the same ones outside, so i just put it in the tank a while ago. Money plant?

Update: I think (really hope) I have found the issue. I forgot to turn the air pump on for the whole day! (and usually dont have it on at night). would you think that is the likely cause? The lack of oxygen?

I've had the pump running for the last 15 mins and the fish seem to have improved. They are swimming much more, but some still seem to be having difficulty breathing.

Also, sorry if i didnt answer the question properly, I was in a panic! I re-read the post and the plant in the middle is actually growing in a wedge of the drift wood. I bought it at the sunday market. I think it is a type of java fern. This is a pic from the net. Same, but healthier picture.

Update 2: Its late and I'm very tired. haha. I think I did answer the question correctly to begin with. The big plant behind the rock is not usually underwater I believe. But when I saw it at my LFS, i just thought I'd try. Some of the leaves are slightly yellowing.


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Haha, that was my suspicion, but I've got heaps of that one outside anyway. The fish are fine now, have most of their colour back and are swimming around chasing each other again *phew.

It was because I forgot to turn the air back on......I'll never forget again.

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