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Introducing my male Betta Ernie


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Hey Everyone,

I'm new to betta's and I brought a male last week called Ernie, he's not much compaired to all your lovely fish but I love him. If anyone can tell me what colour and type he is that would be great. I am hoping to learn alot more about betta's and their care/breeding on this forum. I have already had a look at some other members fish and can definatly say the Ernie will be getting a friend in the near future. The photo's arent fantastic its hard to get him to flair when there isn't anything much to flair at but we did our best. What kind of camera's do other members use any advice would be great.






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Ernie is very sweet! (What a lucky little dude)

I'd describe him as something between a round tail or delta tail (with rounded edges)

Safely we can say he is a multi-colour, with a cambodian base (light coloured body with red through the fins) and what looks like marbling or a light coating of steel blue metallic iridescence.

He also has a small amount of white in his anal and ventral tips.... this is just what i'm seeing.

Not much else to tell - he looks happy and healthy.... if you're new to Betta keeping - theres lots of good threads... the key is stability! Tempreature / Ph / Carbonate hardness - can vary quite a bit in terms of what the fish is comfortable living in - just keep it stable.

Good luck finding him a buddy.


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