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Hello there

I just got into beta for fun, was looking for a small bowl to make my place a bit more lively ended up purchasing 4 bettas (2 ordinary one from market and 2 crowntails from local aquarium)

Just want to say hi and hopefully can learn a thing or two about "hobby breeding", if there are any thing like that hehehe

These fish are beautiful, i use to have them fight when i was younger but never knew about the different tails!

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A few members do originate from thailand where it is a cultural and traditional practice, so it is polite to respect a different perspective even if that is not your own and illegal in australia where the perceptive is different.

Welcome! there is definetly alot of hobby breeding information on this forum!

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I have two crowntails and 2 random from the market.

Currently have them in what you would say a dismal condition :( (in drinking glass but will be buying partitioned small tanks (4 partitions each)

I will also get a bigger, proper tank to hopefully breed just for hobby. but atm, that is restricted by ermm.. the wife (she said ok to 1 and i came home with 2 and another 2 next week) hhehehe

I've attached the instagram link, hopefully it works

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