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Hiyas :)


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Hey guys :) I found these forums through another forum I go to and it looked like this would be a good site to come and chat about aquariums and fish. Years ago I was majorly into keeping fish, back in high school had multiple large tanks in my room, but life got in the way so I stopped. But recently had gotten back into it with my rescue betta and now I can't stop!

Looking forward to posting with you guys, thank you!

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G'day mate, a big ridgy didge to you, from the Sunburnt Country!

Just noticed you are in Up Over ('cause we are living in Down Under.. you better run.. you better get cover.. but don't worry - we are niceish people here), and said to myself "Crikey! We better fire up the Barbie, because we have an international here!"

Welcome, great to have you here.

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Sarah - you have out-bogan'd yourself.... that was funny.

Hey Xandi,

Welcome to the forum - it's exciting to have an international special guest!

Looking forward to seeing shots of your rescue betta, was he from walmart?

We hear horror stories about how they're kept for sale... and have a few of our own.

But I figure we're all here with good intentions, so good luck with him!


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(Sorry for quality, just moved recently and can't find my memory for my digital camera, so using a cheap mobile phone one :( )

This is Xander, I found him at a privately owned pet store a town over from mine. I live in a very small rural place, have to drive 30+ minutes to get to a town with a Walmart in it. So finding fish here is hard as it is. This store was awful, if I knew what to do, I would turn them in in a heartbeat for animal cruelty. The cups that the bettas are in were filthy beyond means. They were brown, almost half an inch of poop and grime on the bottom of the little cup. It was so bad that you could literally not see what color any of them were. It broke my heart. All their tanks were disgusting as well.

I'm just now starting back into fish keeping, so sadly I only was able to take one home.(Back in high school I had many tanks going in my room and used to breed different types of fish, but lately bettas are becoming my favorites) He is doing really well, after a day or two his personality started to show. He swims all around, flares up, he gets into goofy positions when trying to get a piece of fallen food. (He is a hog!) And he loves it when I make cookies. He is on the counter right now, and whenever I bake/cook he rushes over to where I put the food down and he just stares at it, moving his head back and forth slightly. It's almost as if he is begging lol.

Thank you for the warm welcome, and I've known friends that live out your way and just love the accents ;)

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