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Aquaone LED 36 Lights


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Hi Everyone,

I have 10 Aquaone LED36 lights on my "Hilton" tanks. They arent super bright that is for sure but they do the job nicely.

Tonight I am installing 6 new Aquaone LED36 lights on my new rack of tanks and WOW, compared to my old ones, they are really bright.

The question I am asking is do LED lights fade? Any ideas on why my new ones are so much more brighter. My "old" ones were only installed in February so they arent really "old".



Please excuse the dumbness of this question, but I have never used LED lights before this year. Thought I would give them a try as to cut down on the electricity.

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Are the lenses dirty on the older ones from moisture and dust?

As mentioned there are different types of led and possibbly the supplier has changed them or may have changed something in the power supply as I think led can be overdriven so a little more voltage may make some difference

And yes from my understaning led will fade with time as do tubes but I would think it would take a lot longer than 6 months


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