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Guppy upgrade!


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Hi all,

I've had guppies for over 2 years now. I'm probably like the average guppy lover - one tank, throw them all in, what fry survives has earned the right to live - ending up with a pretty tough batch of Survivor guppies. I used to have a 12 litre tank which was over-run with countless guppies (I'm telling you, I just can't kill them!) so I gave a lot to my 75yr old mum & the LFS. Mum's having a ball with them, has split them into 3 tanks & experimenting with breeding. She's come up with this hilarious clown-like strain of guppy of which she's going to give me one soon. Anyway, I digress..which I do a LOT :D

For my birthday, hubby bought me a 75 litre tank - hooray! After about 3mths, the tank started to look big & boring. After going online & discovering aquascaping, I'm hooked! I've got about 8 females & 1 male guppy in the tank and just yesterday added 11 neon tetras, which today have now dwindled down to 5 (even after a 2.5hr drip acclimatisation) & suddenly I remember why I gave up on neons & stuck to guppies.

Anyway, I'm kinda bored with the colours of my guppies. Besides the clown guppy, my mum's guppies are pretty much the same as mine (since they originated from my stock) and the LFS has exactly the same stock because mum's got some barter system going with them! I live in Mudgee which is about 3.5hrs from Sydney so was wondering where & how I could get my hands on some new guppies to add a bit of variety to my bunch.

Also, I've bought chelated ferrite liquid and Flourish Excel to ferliser the plants and read that it's better to dose daily rather than weekly. Just wondering what the dosage would be? At the moment, I have crypts, java fern and a bit of wisteria floating at the top. Hoping to be adding jave moss & hair grass in the coming weeks.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. I can't wait till this new tank takes off!

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Hi welcome :D

Fishchick - Jodi lea has a youtube channel which she sells her stock from and she frequently gets alot of fancy guppy varieties in and she ships australia wide!


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Fantastic! Thanks for the link, guys! I'll definitely have a look-see.

I ordered 2 fish from livefish.com.au but unfortunately one was deadfish. The black guppy happily joined his harem after his drip acclimatisation was complete.

On another note, my mother dropped off 2 off her snakeskin clown guppies which I sent home after after a week. They bullied the hell out of my fan-tail male who couldn't outswim them so had to hide. He now hides permanently in the plants or sits at the bottom of the tank, behind the driftwood, almost buried. If it weren't for the fact that my water parameters are fine and that all the other guppies are happy & healthy, I'd swear this guy was sick. He was happy & mixing with his girls until my mum's ADHD guppies arrived & after a few hours of torment, went straight into hiding. He still hasn't come out even 2 days after the bullies went home. Is there anything you'd suggest?

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