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Past fishes


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Okay, I was wandering around my photobucket account and found that I still have several fishes from the past. They are not with me anymore though. My tank now is so bare and I'm not sure why it couldn't be as green as my previous one <_<

Overall Tank:


Peruvian Altum:


Riccia + My 2nd female Betta I've ever kept


Tetras and 2 Corydoras pygmaeus sitting lazily on top of anubias:


Most of the plants in the tank died after I left the tank in the care of my friend for a while (I was having a holiday overseas)

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The altums weren't hard to keep. They were fine in community tank together. Probably because mine weren't true altum. They last quite a long time. According to their new owner, they're still alive now.

One of the altum though, went suicide and jumped out of tank. I didn't know they'd be able to jump out. But the other 2 were still fine. The biggest one I got (that went on suicide) was about 25 cm from the top of dorsal fin to the bottom of anal fin.

I also forgot to put the pic of my first spawn ever with fish - apistogramma cacatuoides - 1st and last pic showing the dad a little.





Unfortunately that was a failed spawn because it was unplanned, and so I didn't have any fry food in hand AND it was in the community tank... I think only 1-2 fry survived from the spawn.

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