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Betta Barracks: Shared Water or Individual Tanks?


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Hi Everyone,

I am wanting to create a beautiful place for my betta guys..

I currently have an Aquaone Betta Barracks but I think it is too small for them and keeping the chemistry right is very hard. I want my guys to have a furnished tank with place for them to rest and be comfortable.

I have checked out the youtube videos of barrack drip systems and they look great. I have also checked out the dividers for tanks and they look great too.

I dont know which way to go. Idealy I would love indiviual tanks that dont share water but I cant afford that. What do you think is best? If you were starting from scratch which way would you go, multiple tanks on a drip system or large tank with dividers?



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You don't need multiple tanks to set up a drip system, you can use one big one and divide it with solid glass dividers. That is what I originally wanted to do but then decided it was too much time/effort to have each individual barrack drilled to drainage. If you can find someone willing to do that or do it yourself, and get a tank built with thick enough glass it's possible.

I've ended up with one large one with dividers, I've had velvet run through the tank already. Before I get the whole digs set up I'll be investing in a UV sterilizer and crossing my fingers.

Don't think I'd do it this way again.

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