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Bristlenose feeding


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I have being trying to give my bristlenoses a variety in their diet; due to I have noticed a decrease in eating. When I was trying to grow 5 common BNs they were eating 6 slices of zucchini a day and they've grown from 3cm to 8cm in 4 months. But now I'm trying to grow 10 albino bristlenoses + condition two females for more eggs they're barely eating 2 zucchini slices a day.

My question is how do I increase their eating? I feed them shrimp pellets, some frozen bloodworms and algae wafers sparely and feed mainly on zucchini and what else do they eat?

I know people have being feeding

- Peas

- Lettuce

- carrots

- Cucumber

- sliverbeet

- spinach

Except zucchini my bristlenoses are not intersted in anything else?

What have you guys being feeding to yours and what kind of success in growth rate do you guys have?

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Hi Joan,

I have three Common Bristlenoses. I got them all as fry in August and they have grown a fare bit. The largest one is approximatly 6cm and the two smaller ones would be about 4.5cm. I have fed them with five Wardely Shrimp Pellets twice a day, bearing in mind there are 20+ shrimp in there to, so the Bristlenoses probably only consume about one pellet each, twice a day. I also feed them one thick slice of zucchini a day. They havn't had any problems with sickness or malnutrition on that diet. It's recommended that you feed them 2-3 times per day, i feed mine in the morning and at night, letting them graze on the driftwood and algae in the tank for lunch.

I think maybe just sticking to a simple diet with a regular feeding pattern might help. Obviously they will still require all their everyday vitamins, which can be found in vegetables and the more expensive brands of pellets.

I hope that helps a little!

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Don't restrict yourself to the traditional catfish diet of algae, vegetables, and algae. Bristle nose are more than happy to clean up sinking fish pellets (good source of protein for weight gain) and beef heart (many local breeders use this to increase size quickly on small bristle nose). Multi vitamins are available over the counter (sera 'fishtamin' is a good one) that ensures they are getting the best nutrition.

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