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Wild Bettas


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I've been trying to take some photos of my wild Bettas with my new camera. I still suck, but the camera compensates for my lack of skills. All my Bettas are from the splendens complex.

Betta imbellis

My pair


The male



Betta smaragdina

I just can't a photo of the female, so only photos of the male.




Betta mahachai

My pair. Unfortunately the female is out of focus a little.



The male


Male looking after eggs in bubble nest


OK? I don't know why all the photos were compressed into one post, as I tried a seperate post for each species.

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Nice pics... you're getting together a nice band of wild types there...

How's the sp Mahachai spawn going? I was a bit worried about my sp. Mahachai as they looked a lot redder than other's pics on here but yours seem the same as mine...

I can understand how hard it is for you to get pics of yours... my sp. Mahachai dive behind moss the moment they see a camera so haven't really got any decent pics of them yet.... still need to strip and paint the back of their permanent tank but will probably get better pics then when they have more room and more light on the tank....

re the combined posts ... I think it does this if you do two posts in the same thread within a certain time frame....

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Thanks Wayne. My Mahachai aren't nearly as red as they appear in the first lot of photos. The last photo really shows the true colour of the male.

The fry are about two weeks old now. I have no idea how many there are, as they live in a large matt of java moss that is not in the photos. Ocassionally I see one or two venture out in to clear water. I did see about six swimming along the front of the tank from one java moss clump to another on the weekend and was quite surprised to see that many in the open. The parents seemed to totally ignore them.

Mine are still a little skittish when I'm sitting in front of the tank, but they are getting much better. My main concern is that they do not eat betta pellets. They eat live black worms, mosquito larvae and thawed out frozen brine shrimp, but won't touch pellets. And I do not like feeding them black worms or brine shrimp more than once a week.

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