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My bettas :)


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I am no photographer and fish are damn hard to photograph! So apologies in advance for the cruddy photos haha. Nonetheless.. here are most of my babies :). I do have a couple more that I'm yet to photograph.. but I'll add some more photos of them soon enough ;)

Pretty double VT female from someone :)



(excuse all the crap flying around in the tank.. I had just done a water change and everything was stirred up!)

White face purple/red double VT boy also from someone :)


Small magenta and pink VT boy bought from the local fish shop



Gah.. I have more to add but everytime I try to add them in a new reply it just adds them as broken pictures links in the original post.. I suck at technology. Will have to try again later maybe! Can anyone help? How do I reply to my own thread without it adding it to the original post..?

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He is very spunky indeed! Really fiesty towards any other fish he happens to catch a glimpse of. He's also the best bubble nest builder I think I've ever seen! This morning I woke up and literally half of his tank was covered in bubbles lol. Wish I had a suitable female to pair him with :(

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