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G.day fellow fish nuts

the name is Jamie from Cranebrook nsw, although i have a funny feeling i'm already a member but the forum looks different, i would.ve been ( brother bear ) any way if i am howdy again been awhile lol, if not howdy :)

i was searching for a forum on goldfish and this one came up, i have a crook nymph in the koi pond, so as soon as i get posting rights i will post a pic and ask the question what the hell is wrong with my fish lol

thanks all

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Hey Jamie!! Welcome back. Yep it's the same forum. Your brother bear username is still there. Maybe you should just reset the password? That account is connected to your optusnet email. I think it's probably best if you use brother bear and we'll delete this one. Let me know if you're having any issues.

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