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Help from a DIY nut Please

jo oakley

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I would like to know if you can do any thing to block the holes in a drilled tank,

it ran with a sump at one time,

Could I,

1/ place a large piece of glass over the whole back section,

making a tight fit.

2/ just cover the holes with small pieces of glass,

seal around them??

3/ put some sort of bung in the holes.

4/ remove the whole back section and replace it with a new glassblink.gif could I reseal it properly?

5/ get a new tank!(NOT CHEAP)

I would like to fix up the tank as cheaply.

So if you have any ideas that could help me,

please tell me.

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It depends on the size of the hole but No 2 sounds ok.

Make sure you get the correct silicon though as they ain't all the same.

The guy at Bunnings should be able to help.

Also the patch/glass would probably best be on the inside because of the water pressure. Make sure there are no sharp edges as well for you HM's to catch their fins on either.

You could just run a bead of silicon on the outside of the edges just so they're smooth.

Best of luck

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If the hole is near the top of the tank there will hardly be any pressure so a small patch will do.... I think from memory Selleys silicone for glass is ok (has mention of aquariums on it) .... if the hole is in the bottom of the tank make sure plenty of area around the hole is covered by the glass and siliconed in with plenty of silicone....

Alternatively you could leave the bulkhead in there and put a tap on the outside and use it for connecting a hose to fill the tank (or drain it if the hole is in the tank base) :)

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