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Getting Started with Twitter

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I thought it would be useful to put up some instructions for those of you who have found Twitter somewhat counter intuitive. Often tweets don't show up immediately in searches even though the #hashtag is present. They do show up to your followers though. So if you follow the other people who are tweeting and they do the same, I think you'll soon find that it's not too bad.

My number one tip is: when you sign-up, don't tick Protect my tweets because this effectively makes you invisible except to followers that you approve. If you have already signed up you can change your protection setting by going logging into Twitter, then

Here is a YouTube video that might be useful and after that some articles which will hopefully help you make sense of it.






To join the campaign against batch testing

Sign up at http://twitter.com

Search for #batchtesting

Read what others have tweeted and follow them

Start tweeting

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