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RNA Pisciculture Show Results


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RNA SHOW Pisciculture Results

A hearty thanks and congrats to all who entered tanks this year - the following is a list of Champions.

Detailed list of winners to follow.

Results of the Aquarium competition held at the RNA (EKKA). Judged August 4th. All tanks are available for viewing in the Feline, Fish and Puppy Pavilion

Come and vote for your favourite fish!

Champion Australasian Freshwater Fish

Champion Egglayer

Champion Fish of Show

Werneri - P. Ford

Champion Community Tank

PNG - N. Stanton & M. Ryan

Champion Goldfish

Common - G.N. Ludlow

Best Livebearer of Show

Platies - I. Gadischke

Champion Exotic Tropical

Hillstream Loach - J. Matheson

Champion Cichlid

Vieja fenestrata - W. Smith

Champion Marine Fish

Babour's Sea Horse - H. Joy

Champion Marine Exhibit

Marine Community - H. Joy

Best Planted Exhibit

Aquascape - J. Matheson

Champion Discus

Red Melon - J. Murray

Best Exhibit of Show (Judges Choice)

Red Devil - Hayden Joy

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