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buying an aussie bred betta


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Hi Folks

I am a new member in Adelaide and I am looking for a bit of advice

I had owned a betta for about a year and unfortunately he has passed away. He died of SEVERE MARKED CHRONIC DISSEMINATED GRANULOMATOUS DISEASE, LIKELY

MYCOBACTERIOSIS, but we are still awaiting definate confirmation of this.

I have put the tanks he was living in through a disinfection regime and disposed of the contents (filters, gravel plants etc )to be sure I have got rid of any mycoplasma.

I am now cycling the tanks again with ammonium chloride and new filters etc (last time took several weeks and I have only just started)

I have a feeling that this fish may have been infected since I aquired him and this may have been due to the conditions in which he was bred overseas (he was purchased from a pet shop) he was the first fish I have ever kept but I did a lot of research before aquiring him.

I am interested in finding an Australian Betta breeder where I can purchase my next fish in a few weeks time and hopefully get a healthier one. I am wondering if there are any breeders in Adelaide (or elsewhere who can ship)and even if I can get a very young fish and grow him.

I would be grateful for any advice or assistance

thanks heaps


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