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    My newest interest is growing tropical fish and it seems like I don't have time for anything else! But other interests are diving and underwater life, plants and animals, nature walks, fashion design, poetry writing, arts and crafts and I think that's it! Oh, I forgot literature!
  1. Happy Birthday! :)

  2. Sure, please come! You can have Dusty and when I come back I might buy some fry from you!
  3. Yes, thanks he is my favourite. I was thinking of keeping him.
  4. I have another one - kind of pink but no ventrals. Ah! and this one Silver Dart- he didn't want to flare; his tail is quite short but 'm pretty sure it's still growing - into a delta tail not half moon. So these are my fish with some dragon? scales. From my experience the scales will get thicker with age so maybe they are dragons!
  5. Jess, I'm not sure they are really dragons but they do have thick scales. This is Dusty This is Bob (Marley)- his tail is a bit disappointing (round)
  6. The reds are cambodian type. They have no black layer. I've been trying to get yellow/orange fry from that male for a long time (without a yellow or orange female)by crossing him with white females. All I would get was cambodians or whites with red washes (red was from the female I guess) until I got one single yellow female among the cambodians. I crossed the father with the yellow daughter and I've got lots of yellow (more or less intens) females and just a few yellow males. Now because you raised the genetics, I'm confused! I admit that I mixed the spawns because I had a few at the same tim
  7. Hi all, Just to show you some fish from my previous spawns: Father: orange half moon (Oscar) Mother: yellow (Bee)- one of the orange male's daughters from a previous spawn with a white dragon female (PK?)from Jody-Lea. Oscar II Red Jewel Pink Panther Pagliacci and some more to come. I will go away to Romania in December and January and I need to sell most of them so if interested please make me an offer.
  8. Hi Oliver and welcome. Sorry about your fish. Because you mentioned, can you please give some details on what the symptoms of that disease were and what tests did you do and waiting confirmation for? Might be helpful for us all. Thanks!
  9. me too! love that fish! But are you sure he is a royal blue? I wouldn't say so from that picture. He is more black wich is cooler then royal blue! I wish I had a black boy! But I like the plakat too! and all the other ones! Cool colection! I just bought a nice camera for my daughter with the condition that she takes pictures with my fish! I will try to make her do it soon and post my fish too!
  10. I use white vinegar straight form the bottle, apply on the entire surface, leave it to dry in the sun and then rinse very well. I think the residue from the bleach is more harmful than the one from the vinegar. I also don't think one spoon of bleach and one spoon of vinegar in a bucket of water would be enough to kill all bacteria. As far as I know most bacteria that can live and multiply in the water would be killed by drying the tank in the sun. When the fish tank is in use and maintenance is less than perfect, the source of infection is most likely other than from the initial bacterial popu
  11. For me, she looks like a girl but the pics are too small and can't really tell. Wish you luck. PS He is very handsome, maybe you should let him grow a bit. Cheers, Mihaela
  12. I added 4 black mollies and 2 gold dust (2 males, 4 females) to the community tank about three weeks ago and my tank is full of baby black mollies now! They are so cute but I will have to get rid of them at some stage. Anybody interested? The lfs guy claims that thei are special kind of mollies, they will not grow as big as normal ones and they don't need brackish water. I'm sure any mollie can live in freshwater but would do better with a bit of salt. He claimed that they will eat the algae in the tank and will not eat other kind of food so the waste they produce would be harmless and they wo
  13. Thanks everybody. I did start with the iron but they were looking verymessy and the smell was awfull. I did drill 4 little holes each lid for the first beanie boxes I bought (10) and took quite a long time and I couldn't feed through them so I prefered to not have the lids on then to take them off and put them on for every feed. Now I drilled a few with a special circle piece, the smallest I could find, about 2cm in diameter, the thing used to cut a circle in furniture to pass the connections for TV and stereo, etc. It looks neat and I think will do the job.
  14. Hi, maybe it's stupid to ask but what do you use to easy cut a nice and neat window in the lid of a beanie box, big enough to feed through it? I just bought 48 boxes and I need a quick and easy method. Mihaela
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