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Hi from Brissy


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Hey my name is Kaity, work for the BCC in the Habitat department (Conservation & Land Management)... Currently keeping an array of fish & fish tanks of many sizes. (Oscars, Barras, Sailfin Plecos, Guppies, Red Claws, Blue Claws, Swords, Platies, Corys, Silver Dollars and some Aust, Natives.

Have always had fish, currently breeding live bearers and blue claws.

My job is great as I get to restore waterways in Brissy and get paid for it. Unfortunately the creeks of Brissy are filled with escaped hobby species (swords & platies) or the usual present Gambusia but over time maybe this will be a new aspect that the BCC can look at... as luckily the term Conservation is being expanded in the sense that the new polices will look at the ecosystem (i.e ecology) which in my eyes is so cool.

Kinda annoys me though that Aquarium Shops sell natives at very cheap prices as feeders but wont sell Gambusia for instance. But hey again, maybe this is something that will evolve in time.

Im a happy chick Happy to meet new like minded people, share stories and experiences :)

Happy Weekend ppl's and if any one has any nice female guppies for sale Im interested :)


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Welcome Kaity!

Sounds like you certainly have a lot of different fish. I would love to expand the fish i have (thinks the hubby would kill me!!!) lol

This forum has been a great help to me - a person new to fish - everyone is really friendly and are great at trouble shooting any problems, and great for a general chat.

How many tanks do you have?

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Welcome to the forum Kaity!

That's definitely a lot of different fish you have there!

So which creek is it that has all the swordtails and platies? :drool:

I've wondered why gambusias are not used as feeders too...maybe the risk of diseases?

Keep up the good work with BCC!



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