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  1. What guppy strains do you have at the moment someone? Regards, Daren.
  2. Hi Ken, how are your guppies going? Is the magical pond doing its trick?


  3. darennkj

    Guppy Pics

    Great to see another guppy lover in Brisbane. Good luck with the breeding...make sure to share some photos!
  4. I'll try to make it for the 20th. Don't have any bettas at the moment though, but have had them in the past. Concentrating on guppies now.
  5. Hi, I'm in Indooroopilly. Have many more for sale now that i have decided to sell all animals from both tanks.

  6. Welcome to the forum Kaity! That's definitely a lot of different fish you have there! So which creek is it that has all the swordtails and platies? I've wondered why gambusias are not used as feeders too...maybe the risk of diseases? Keep up the good work with BCC! Regards, Daren.
  7. Yeah I can. Why's that? PM me lol.

  8. Nice looking tank there Goody. Looks clean and the fish are happy...good job!
  9. Breed me guppies! xD

  10. Now it's easier to diagnose with those three pictures... Dad: definitely a red grass. Mum: hard to tell with the badly damaged fins. Fry: definitely not grass. Very interesting though, since their entire body is covered in blue, up to their heads. Considering the moscow trait is Y-linked, it would say their dad is a moscow. (happy for someone else to comment) The mum might still be grass, but the only way to find out for sure is to breed her with a grass male. But looking at her condition, I would say that might not happen anytime soon. Hope this helps. Regards, Da
  11. These are definitely not bluegrass Nina. PM sent.
  12. Not sure how long it normally takes, but mine seem to grow and multiply pretty quickly! I guess like fish, their growth is determined by water conditions, temperature and food intake?
  13. darennkj

    Guppy Links

    These are a must in my opinion: Guppy Wiki IGEES Regards, Daren.
  14. Thanks for the guppy sub-forum Lilli! Now we can talk more about guppies too! :)
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