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Getting another Betta or a pair :)


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Have really been enjoying this site so much but it has been so hard finding all the online auctions and breeders and looking at more Bettas. There are SO many I want to buy from overseas!!!! So hard to stop buying but really need to get another tank set up first :)

The other night I had a look on fishchick65's youtube site and found the most beautiful red male and female! I was trying to find a tank for them on ebay and while I was looking the pair got put on hold :(

I went in tonight and had a look through Jodie-lea's shop and she has some really beautiful bettas and was great to speak to! My partner was eying off a blue body and white outer finned butterfly boy!!

I have asked her that if she comes across any more like this to keep me in mind


What I wanted to know is from a competition view, how would a fish like this compare? I would like to get a good breeding pair and try to breed at some time in the future. Not to make money from but because I would love to see what would come and I have a bit of time on my hands at the moment and would enjoy it as a hobby.

I understand there is a lot more to breeding, I have been looking into it a bit over the last few days. But I would like to source good breeding stock in case I do in the future. I lean more towards deep blues but as soon as I saw this red it caught my eye and I haven't seen to many reds that are as bright

If I breed in the future, I'm looking into HM with vibrant red or blue. Is this type of red well regarded?

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Looks like a very nice red pair.... I'd go with someone's comments on him having nice form and seems very active too...

In a show a red could beat a blue or vice-versa depending on the form of the fish and as few faults as possible (ie fewest defects in the fish)...

Personally, I like the black, black copper, copper dragon colours but a super red betta is quite stunning (as are a lot of other colours/patterns)... as they say its in the eye of the beholder when it comes to colours..... look for fish with even colours all over or evenly distributed pattern and you will be on a good track .... but again if you have the chance to talk to someone her advice would be hard to go past on show quality bettas (as she is an international judge I believe!) :)

All the best with getting a pair you like and success with breeding them...

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You sound like a wonderful Betta owner! :applaud:

I don't really know much about showing Betta's :confused: , but if you have a Betta like the ones in that video it's sure to win something!

I do know that true reds with no outlining is good for showing. Outlining is when a Betta's scales are 'outlined' usually in black.

Good luck :D

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