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Substrate Qs

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My mum (aka my driver! ;) ) comes back from visiting relatives tomorrow meaning I can finally go buy my substrate! I have 2 tanks to set up and one to re-do. (24x12, 31x10.5 and 20x10)

I'm having trouble deciding what to do though.

I'm thinking a very thin layer of API First Layer Pure Laterite on the bottom, about 1.5" of fine plain ol' gravel and on top 1" of Eco Complete (Red). Sound good?

Would you bother with the Laterite at all?

Would the Eco Complete be better on the bottom or top layer?

Do you have experience with Eco Complete? - I'm going to be keeping Cories, it won't damage their barbels will it?

The place has another type of plant substrate but the bag is all in chinese, they just call it Aqua soil.. Not sure if I want to play with something when I have no idea what's in it, or what it's proper name is. Comes in two size bags, about 3kg and 9kg. The stuff is black. Does anyone have any idea what it might be?

Thanks :D

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Nah, Amano's is Aqua Design Amano, ADA 'Amazonia'. Comes in a silver bag and in english. :P

The stuff this aquarium is selling is in an entirely black bag with black substrate (maybe some silver highlighting on it, don't remember) and the substrate appears to be rather like dirt or quite fine from the quick glance I had at it. It was also certainly much cheaper than the ADA stuff too!

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