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My fish setups :)


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Ive wanted to show you guys my tanks for a while, but they wernt quite 'good enough' yet, but Ill show you them now, They sure keep me busy, but I love them :)


Here is my new 25l tank housing my steel blue marble boy (Whos turned all blue again :P ) and it will eventually be a spawn tank once Im ready to start again :) (The sponge filter isnt turned on for the pic)


Here is my 'betta barracks' its a 4.5ft tank built to be in a wall, so its only 20.5cm deep and 41cm high, Nice dimensions for my bettas, each betta, depending on how I put in the dividers, has about 20l each :) Im working on getting a sponge filter in each section, and because of a few heating issues I have a heater at each end..


My 'hospital tank' a 14l tank currently home to my black orchid boy with fin rot :(


My very very sad looking 56l tank, its in need of a clean and more plants.. my job for tommorrow. Its home to 3 mutt guppies and 4 albino cories, as well as a mass of snails... :)


And lastly my 3ft tank, I love it! Though it too is in need of more plants and less-fake ornaments. Its home to 4 sailfin mollies, 2 panda cories and 2 Sterbai Cories (love them!), one BN and one albino BN, 4 VT betta females and one DTVT betta female :)

Let me know what you think :D

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I went a lil crazy and bought some plants.. too many plants.. but my 3ft tank is now nice and 'jungle-like' and the fish seem to love it :D I also re-did my 56l tank as it was looking too horrible.. I cleaned it up and put the 'extra' plants in it :)

This tank is now also home to a peppered catfish (epic love for this guy!) 6 harlequin rasboras, the 4 albino cories and the guppies from the 56l tank :) Ive moved the 5 female bettas into the 56l :D

56l tank still needs some love, Ive found some real cool looking rocks I need to clean, then theyll be put in there :) The females seem happy and theres minimal nipping :)



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Wow ... very inspirational! I love your barraks and the three foot looks awesom. I still have much preparing to do to get my guys in presentable but just looking at your work is giving me the inspiration to get of my but and get into it ... bring on the weekend :applaud:


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Thank you Bec! :D I do so love my barracks, though its definitely more for display than holding a large number of bettas :P

Updates on tanks would be Ive fiddled more with my barracks, neatened things up, gotten more lil' filters (wish I could find the ones you can refill with filter wool and carbon yourself, rather than having to buy the replacements...) and I moved the two heaters closer to the middle, which fixed the heating problems Id been having :D

My 3 foot is now also home to a bunch of guppy fry :D So very cute :D

My barracks -


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Yes :D Big blue pebbles, my mother kept bugging me about there being no colour in the tank (with the black gravel and black background.. I want the fish to stand out :P ) so I put the blue in there to keep her happy :P

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