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My 3Ft ?Community? Tank

Force Fed

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Well, As most of you all know,

I have 2 tanks in my room....... 1 being my fighter tank which belongs on my dresser.... and the other is my pride and joy...

a 3ft 170od litre community (i guess) tank....

since I signed up here, the inhabbitants of the tank have changed...... a little...

heres a quick rundown of it as it sits right now.

Size: 3ft x 1.5ft x 2ft (i think)

Filteration: Fluval U4 Internal Filter

Heater: Ehiem Jager 125w

Light: 3ft Aqua 1 with Life-Glo bulb

Substrate: Silica Sand


3 Blue Rams

3 Gold Rams

4 Neon Blue Rams

2 Siamese Flying Fox

2 Bristlenose Catfish

2 Honey Dwarf Gouramis

6 Cardinal Tetra

3 Cherry Barbs

3 Blue Emperor Tetra

1 Neon Rainbow.

at the moment, I am not replacing any of the tetra/barb/rainbow species due to wanting to turn it into a dwarf cichlids tank.....

there are approx.... 7 pieces of driftwood in the tank, 6 of which have some form of plant life growing on them...

and heres the things you've all been waiting for..... photos!





I am aware that my plants are very "minimal" at the moment - I only trimmed them all off yesterday to get rid of the length, there is one at the top of the water yes, mainly because I cannot be bothered planting it again after the rams pulled it up..... and everyone seems to enjoy chillin' around it.

I had to replant the entire tank yesterday when I bought the Neon Blue Rams as all the others had their own territories setup.... wasnt much hassle and I am really pleased with the current layout!

the 10 rams are really cool critters, they all come up to the glass when I walk near it, the NBR's are still very timid about it all..... But I am sure they will be the same soon!

Let me know what you think :D

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Thanks for the kind words! thankfully the fish are very happy in this tank, there are next to no fights, the rams are estabilishing their territories now which is good - 10 of them = a bit of bickering but nothing major.

if anyone is wondering why i have 3 golds and 3 blues is because there are 2 males in each of the 3, meaning 1 of the males will become the alpha male in each colouration :) and are VERY bright!!!!

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