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3 New Bettas!


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Awww! Im so jealous that you can get to Jodis shop! But then again Id probably have double the amount of bettas I have now :o

Cant wait for the pics and congrats :P

Ill Second that delyall i wouldnt be able to help my self if i lived that close lol its hard enough now :D

Grats on the new fish kandee cant wait to see them also :D

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I nearly bought the "Bee My Honey" pair... xD

Then settled for a pair and a male.

MY LAVENDER BOY HAS BLUE LIPSTICK!!! xDDD So he's called "Princess"... :)

Dunno what to call my metallic pair...

Introduced them tonight and she barred up immediately! O_O;

And she looks feisty! I need net now!!! >.<

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