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New Betta


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Hey guys, thought I better keep up with the rest of you and get myself a betta... :P

Got him from my LPS just up the road. He was swiming in a big tank with some plattys, not showing any agression.

He is dark blue with a bit of red, he looks dark purple in some light. He's rather a handsome fellow, although he is just a plain old VT I think you call him. (common petshop variety...)

I have a plastic breeder tank in my large community tank and put him in there to see his reaction, then let him lose in the big tank with my guppies and mollies and the guppy fry. I was hoping he would help himself to the guppy fry, but turns out, he prefers his betta food! Doesnt attack anything, just swims around happy, not doing his job of eating guppies :lol:

He is such a charactor though :D

So I have caught the bug, will have to either buy some off someone, or purchase some off aquabid now. Time to sell some horses and replace with fish :D

Also got 2 Kuhli Loaches, they are like little mia cats, absolutely halairious to watch :)

So I have got my fish fix, wont last long though...

Jane :)

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I have a pic I took with the iPhone, but not very good, will post up later on. My guppies breed like rabbits, as do most, so I was using him to control the numbers, but he wont have a bar of it. I will give some guppies away if I go to the melbourne meet :P

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Got a marble VT from my LPS today, white with red spots and has a lovely metalic green sheen :D gee im so technical :P

Got 2 nice betta chicky babes too :)

Pic of the marble-


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